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Why ItZact?

Our Values

People First Approach

Our focus on technology does not overshadow our service to you as people. We always remember that our goal is to make your job more efficient and enjoyable.



Rest assured you will always get the best solutions recommended to you - our loyalty is with you and your business, not with the IT vendors.

Years of Experience

Our technicians are all skilled and seasoned employees who do things right.



With the threat of hackers being so prominent, we will emphasize security methods like cloud backup and recovery to ensure the safety of your business data.

Honest & Fair Pricing

You do not need to worry about overpaying. The technology we recommend will always fall comfortably within your budget.

No Long-Term


We take care in not locking you into long-term contracts, but rather focus on proving ourselves by earning your loyalty month by month instead.

Are We Right For You?



• A small or medium sized business

• Branch office in the Toronto area

Have Concerns About:

• Security issues

• Lack of a clear IT vision

• Slow network and Wi-Fi


Don't Serve:

• Businesses with hourly-only needs

• Retail/hospitality/manufacturing

Specialize In:

• Cybersecurity

• Cloud services

• Office moving & expansion

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